Thursday, September 14, 2006

had a blue day (but in a good way!)

couldnt believe it the other day! There i was sitting in Covent garden minding my own business watching the world go by when ant from blue walked past me! i follwed him for a bit to see if it really was him then i asked if i could have a photo! all my coolness (what little i had!) went out the window and i turned into a giggly 16 year old again but it was worth it! :) i know i know he looks like a dodgy car deeler but it was ace!

last weekend sarah, one of sarahs mates, cath and i decided to go on the london eye and be touristy for the day. it was perfect weather and when we were on it you could see a really long way. the only troulbe was that the glass on the pods were really badly reflective so every photo i took up there has the reflection of me and everyone else on it too. you'd think they'd have sorted that through really wouldnt you?!


it was a really fun day and after that we saw some street performers, walked by the thames, sat outside a pub on the riverside and then went into the tate modern! not bad for a sunday afternoon!
not much more's happened really. mel came to stay the other night and my cousin visited me last night so its been nice. ive had loads of visitors crashing at mine and stuff so its cool. im all smiles! :) just got a new phone too and its got a 3.2 mega pixel camera so the photos next time should be even better! woot woot!

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