Wednesday, March 22, 2006

just a little note to say.................

eh up! not written for a while. ive been fairly busy recently. at the weekend i went up to manchester to visit michelle which was cool. we went for an amazing indian meal and then had a few drinkie-poos. couldnt do too much tho as i only had £10 to spend! (money is getting bad, glad ive got easter holidays at the end of this week!!). michelle reminded me about my whole lent thing - no takeaways or chocolate and id like to inform you all that that idea lasted about a week at the most!! :-S as if that would have worked! how strong do any of you think i am?!

after i got back from manchester i had an hour before mum picked me up to take me home so i could do a talk at her school (my old school) about lufbra life and the course etc. it was quite fun and the way the snobby kids all looked at me it was like id grown an extra head!! hehe. was gonna shout 'boo' at them, but changed my mind!

unis going ok, very busy cos we break up on fri so im trying to dye all my yarns ready for the table loom that i should be allowed to bring home. got a big tutorial tomorrow - eek! so ill see how the final projects going, fingers crossed!

the latest news is that our boiler has broken, so that means no heating and more importantly - no hot water, so no showers! i know i managed in india with cold ones but it was at least warm there, its flippin freezing here! apparently the guy should be coming out tomorrow so ive gotta put up with another cold night in bed and then an even worse trying to get out of bed in the morning! brrrr!

anyways gotta go need to do lots of work. just a quick little update!

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