Friday, March 10, 2006

i need a rocket up my backside!

im really struggling for inspiration and motivation for my studio work. i have the odd moments of enthusiasm for paperwork which is ok, but my back is really killing from weaving. :-( went for a back massage at the college next door on tues and it was really good actually, will be going again next week i think! so relaxing and such a bargain cos it was students doing it. who said being stingy with your money had to be a bad thing?!

went to see yellowcard at rockcity in nottingham last night, that was......interesting! it was an over 14s gig again so felt very old! all these little people were running around after dragging their parents with them! hehe. the drummer wasnt exactly the best in the world either but it was ok! we (rfa. mattay and i) went with sanj, had a few drinks in the pitt and pendulum ( they have the best chicken tikka there by the way!) and the scream pub next door then moved onto the massive que at rockcity! i think the problem is whenever i go to a gig with rfa and mattay we always wish that we were seeing system of a down so no gig will ever good enough till we get to see them, hopefully it wont be too long now!

ive finally tidied my room today, it was like a flipping pig sty! i can now actually see the floor and get into my bed without almost breaking my neck on shoes, bags and clothes! rfas gone home for the night and so has mattay so looking forward to a chillaxing night reading my book and having a bath i think! mmmm! peace and quiet!



X_Sook_X said...

Did you see the support band, cause they're one of the ones I like.

ktp05 said...

i did but cant remeber any of them sorry!! hehe. who were they again?!


X_Sook_X said...

They were called Engerica and they're very noisy!