Friday, July 21, 2017

NERG & Newcastle weekender 2017

At the start of July we made our annual pilgrimage to NERG (North East Retro Gaming) up in Gateshead. Adam, Ash, Nick & I all met up Saturday morning at our hotel before heading straight to the International Stadium to game (& drink) the day away. And we did exactly that. This year they had linked with a local brewery & they'd made a special ale just for NERG. The show started at 10am, their first keg ran out at 11am, they had to send for backups - it was that good! In true KtP fashion I've done a 1SE video....
Saturday's part - NERG - lots of gaming and drinking, drinking and gaming, I slowly get more and more worse for wear as the day goes on! Thankfully Sunday is a lot calmer - Pok√©mon raid... then when the boys went back to NERG I visited the Baltic Gallery... caught up with Aunty Beryl... chilled out in the hotel bar... then played Exploding Kittens for about 4hours while drinking more ale... then headed home Monday morning.

Ttfn x

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