Monday, September 28, 2015

DISMALAND Dismaland by name Dismaland by nature....

This is far from a complaint though, rude staff, peeling paint & a dead princess. Dismaland was everything I'd hoped for & more. We were lucky enough to get tickets for Banksy's latest event & at £5 we couldn't go wrong.

 photo dismaland souviner 
A few weeks ago we drove to Weston-super-Mare clutching our tickets ready & raring to go. The weather was perfect - drizzly rain & grey clouds, until the sun came out & ruined everything! 
 photo dismaland 3_zpsqod3cdwa.jpg

We were ushered through a hand-drawn security area where grumpy guards rushed us through & then suddenly we were there - Dismaland. It was hard to know where to go to first so we headed to the gift shop where a miserable assistant told us off because it was "Exit through the giftshop" a nice little nod to Banksy.
 photo dismaland 1_zpsth4w7wpe.jpg
We stopped off at the Pocket Money Loans shop before going into Cinderella's dilapidated castle to see her carriage had crashed with paparazzi all around her, we watched an updated & bit disturbing (it always is I know!) Punch & Judy (where Judy gets her own back), wandered around a weird "freak-show-esque" tent, experienced an Astronaut's caravan & watched as people trying their luck on Hook a duck had their hopes dashed by a wonderfully mardy stall holder.

It. Was. Brilliant!

 photo dismaland 4_zps1plye8og.jpg
The most disappointing part was that we didn't put enough money into the car park so we had to leave before we'd seen everything.

Dismaland finished this last weekend & was one of the best experiences I've had thanks to all the artists who contributed & the people working there. It's really was a case of Miss It Miss Out.

 photo dismaland 2_zpsprofcau1.jpg

Ttfn x

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