Friday, September 25, 2015

31years 4days

Last month I turned the grand old age of 31. I dragged the celebrations on for as long as possible & was treated to lots of surprises. Yay! Ruddy love a good surprise! As you can see from Tommy's face he was as excited as I was!

My usual wander to my desk turned into a game of limbo thanks to Anna & my table was covered in little photos of Tommy & Disney Princess glitter! We went out for a celebratory Byron that night, Prosecco (once they'd quickly dusted off the emergency bottle, chilled it in the freezer & borrowed glasses from Zizzi!) followed by a Beaver Town & a Fredder Dawg (yum!)
I had no idea where we were going & ended up pulling up outside Art's parents home near Oxford (they were away & Art & Sam came out to greet us :)). Saturday was spent on an unexpected pub crawl - I love the way the smallest villages have the most pubs!  Each time we tried to go back home we spotted another one & had to go in! Tommy enjoyed his first pub crawl too & was received a warm welcome everywhere we went. We ended the night with an Indian takeaway, more ale & watched The World's End. Perfick!
We woke up to sunshine & seeing as we were near to Oxford went punting. Captain Pugwash took to it like a fish to water (after a wobbly start) & sat at the front watching the world go by & saying hello to the ducks. I was too chicken to stand up so I sat at the front too & "steered" (read - splashed the oar round a bit to look busy). After a while we conveniently ended up at a pub, moored up & grabbed refreshments. All the excitement was a bit too much for me on the bus ride home & Tommy slept with me dreaming of his Oxford adventures.
Adam took me for dinner to a pub we've wanted to try for a while near our home. As we walked in mum&dad were sitting there waiting. Whoop. They had a lovely 1940s themed menu & I enjoyed a burger with black pudding & amazing chips. Before heading home for a cuppa & a catch up.
I had an ace birthday & felt so special. So many loved ones & so much ale, what more could a gal want?! Thanks Adam & everyone who came. Roll on the grand old age of 32!

Ttfn x

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AJP said...

We enjoyed it as well and Tommy certainly seemed to fit in with all the activities