Monday, February 17, 2014

We are the Dateless Losers

Well we spent our 2nd Valentines Day as a married couple in a mosh pit jumping & singing along to how love sucks! As you do...
(Thanks to RBF twitter for the shot above!)

I'd been waiting for this gig for ages & even though it's not Adam's favourite music, he did his husband duties & came along :) I love Reel Big Fish...ever since being taken to my first rock gig at Rock City in Notts in first year...once I realised I wasn't going to die & they played Take On Me I was hooked! Ha! I've never seen Less Than Jake though & I'd always said if they ever toured with RBF I'd be there...& there I was!
After jumping around & getting covered in beer, sweat & goodness knows what else during RBF we moved to the back for LTJ. They came on stage...managed to get through a few brill songs then an idiot decided to jump from the 1st balcony into the mosh pit....the gig stopped...the band went off & we had to wait 30min for security & an ambulance to arrive....eventually he was stretchered off & once the place wasn't declared a crime scene the gig began again.
The venue were very good at lifting the curfew but lots of people (including us) still had to leave to catch the last train - weren't getting caught out like Frank Turner again!

What we heard was ace but it wasn't the end of LTJ excitement last weekend...more on that another day!

Ttfn x

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