Friday, February 07, 2014

99 problems...

Surrounded by boxes last night I was having a break (but no kitkat *sigh*) & was idly flicking through Facebook when I saw THIS link to a buzzfeed list of British People Problems. I hope it wasn't my lack of sleep & frazzled brain that made this as funny as I thought it was but there were a few ones that really caught my eye.....
I've done this so many times while my nose has been stuck in a good book....another one's when running for a bus & it pulls away as you're still try & jog it off & look cool like you'd never wanted that bus in the first place. Mug.

I hate's only happened to me twice but both times it resulted in me paying full price for something I hated then going to another hairdressers to get it sorted out & having to pay again!

Adam claims he's indifferent too....hmmmm no comment!

This used to be me till I moved to I just go hell for leather if anyone takes longer than a millisecond to decide to go....usually with my hand on the horn too. Yoink!

Did this the other day!

Why do I do this?!

I love the little things that makes the Brits so random...gotta love them stuff upper lips!

Ttfn x

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