Friday, February 14, 2014

I'll play, you sing, the perfect way for an evening to begin

As if out week wasn't exciting enough we had a date at the 02 with a Mr Frank Turner.
We weren't going to go cos we were being snobby about it being a bigger venue than we were used to but I got itchy feet & needed a good old shout along so we thought why not?! 

We only bought tickets a few weeks ago so we were right at the back...yes I was jealous of the people jumping around with standing tickets but I did my best to have a bit of a boogie in my seat!

We arrived to hear the end of Flogging Molly's set which was brill - I'd love to see them again but in a smaller venue. Frank's set was awesome, hit after hit...I shouted, jumped (& yes even cried!) along.
We got out of the arena in record time but it still meant we missed the last bus when we got off the resulted in a 40min walk home which was refreshing, but not quite what we needed after a gig! Better get learning them new time tables & last bus/train times!

Ttfn x

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