Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mr & Mrs W's big day.

You know a wedding's going to be good when it starts with a McDs!
 photo 1ktpmaccyd_zps3c930b73.jpg
With a Chicken Sandwich keeping the hunger monster at bay we set off to the church to see Dave marry Heather. Yay! It was a lovely service with some fab hymns I could warble along to.
 photo 2church_zps6176edcc.jpg
After a few Kodak moments & a quick catch up with everyone afterwards it was time to grab a taxi & head for the reception.....though why we didn't get a lift in the camper van is beyond me, there would have been more than enough room for us all, Art even tried thumbing a lift but it was ignored! Chuh!
 photo 3confettiandvan_zps3c0165b9.jpg
After leaving the church last we somehow arrived at the venue first & got dibs on the bubbly & sweets! Ace! After more nattering & more photos we all sat down for dinner. The food was really tasty, there were a few different ales & the cake was the yummiest I'd ever seen/eaten, so I was a happy camper!
 photo 4reception_zps731c4949.jpg
Then came the dancing.....we made the most of some awesome tracks & playlists we gave to the DJ & had such a fun night. It was ace for some of the uni lot to be together again & I even got some of them dancing to Cha Cha Slide (you know who you are!). There was lots of jumping followed & air guitar by 'drunk' faces & we had such a giggle, it all went so well, until Rich/Henry bought me 3 Jager Bombs in.a.row. Ouch!
 photo 5dancing_zps04b8967f.jpg
Thanks to Rich/Henry's generosity I spent the taxi ride back to Art's concentrating very hard & then talked at Art in the kitchen until about 3am hoping the room would stop spinning, alas it didn't!

By the time we all emerged on the Sunday we realised how old we've become, instead of waking up at uni & feeling a bit rough for a few hours, we ended up slobbing out & not being very good company (see HERE). It did make me miss uni Sunday's though - feeling a bit hungover, dozing on the sofa with the sound of cars whizzing round a track. Can't wait for the next catch up, though maybe this time without the Jager Bombs?!

Ttfn x


Slink said...

Love the photos!!! My ass looks mahoosive! lmao!!!

Loved being with you guys again! We need more get togethers!

ktpland said...

We deffo do! I think you looked awesome in that dress! Well worth the pennies! Will catch up soon :-) x