Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Surprise Road Trip!

As you may have gathered by now I'm an ale gal at heart & when Adam told me we were off for a birthday surprise & I had to be up at 5am he made it all worth-while when we pulled up to the St Austell Brewery in Cornwall. He's a keeper folks!
 photo 1staustellsbrewery_zpsbe1a325d.jpg
Even though I drove half the way I still had no idea where we were heading till we pulled up to the gates. Adam even had me convinced we were off to buy a pug for most of the journey!
 photo 2staustellstour1_zps2e46efab.jpg
We set off on the brewery tour & learnt loads about making ale as we peeped through windows & portholes & grinned like loons when we saw where the Tribute Ale was being brewed, if only I'd brought a straw with me!
 photo 3staustellstour2_zps59298b34.jpg
After the tour came the best bit - the tasting! We got to try 5 different ones ranging from a lager to a stout & Adam found the new love of his life - Smuggler! As we chatted to the tour guide afterwards she let us finish off any bottles we wanted (seeing as they were going to be thrown away anyway!) awesome!
 photo 4stasutellstasting_zps1b89b257.jpg
After lunch & a few more drinks for me thanks to our free tokens as part of the tour we hit the gift shop like excitable kids! We walked out with quite a few drinks as well as a glass for work & a new gym towel (couldn't resist!). 
 photo 5staustellsgiftshop_zps3cd3372e.jpg
The weather was a bit miserable so with our boot clunking with bottles we set off to see what St Austell had to offer. We pottered around a bit & after I fell asleep on the table in Costa we decided we should find our pub B&B for a lie down before dinner.
 photo 6staustell_zpsb8354c31.jpg
We stayed at the Duke of Conrwall pub in St Austell. When we opened the door to our room I couldn't stop giggling, even though you had to share the loo (down the corridor) our room had it's own shower just plonked in the corner! It made it convenient but a bit weird at the same time! We always try to book pub B&B's - they're much more fun, have a bit of character & never let you down on a good old breakfast! 
 photo 7pub_zps3bce77a9.jpg
After a little sleep I admired the new Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt (in a burger box) from Adam before we went downstairs & Adam had an enormous plate of ribs followed by more ale. Well it would be rude not to right?!

Ttfn x

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