Friday, July 19, 2013

Mrs P Limited Edition!

Howdy strangers! Been a while hasn’t it?!
Now don’t go thinking I’ve been sitting around twiddling my thumbs all day…far from it! I’ve been a busy little bee & the fruits of my work can be seen on the River Island website HERE! Whoop! Here’s a screen grab too in case you can’t get to the website…..
 photo ZEBRAPAGE_zpsaf4506d4.jpg
I’m dead chuffed! This is all my own handiwork! :) It’s my first design that I’ve done everything on ever…from the button colour, stitch colour & styling to the little zebras that I sat there drawing during my first few days at my new job. Yay!
 photo photo2_zpse78cd211.jpg
So if like dad, Adam & Pete you’d like to join the Cool Zebra Clan (I like to call them the CZC!) get buying online (I think they might be available in store on Oxford Street soon-ish but can’t be sure). If you do happen to get one, or see someone wearing it send me the pic or link it below, would love to know how many there are out there!)
 photo photo1_zps74ac8026.jpg
Cheers me ducks!
Ttfn x


Slink said...

So awesome! Well done Mrs P! :) x

Dad said...

Can I charge a modelling fee

ktpland said...

cheers slink! x

dad I'll let you know when your contract comes in! ;) x