Friday, July 26, 2013

From Mrs P to Mrs D with love x

Nothing beats when a childhood friends gets married.
A few weekends ago it was Caz & Dave's turn to join the smug married crew & it was awesome!

Caz, her sister Helen & I have known each other all our lives & although we don't see each other a lot now it's always like good old times when we get together. It used to be the three of us against the world, whether it was getting stuck in the nets at Twycross Zoo, setting up Domino Rally in the kitchen during school hols or giggling the nights away at Brownie (then eventually Guide) Pack Holiday we were there....I even think they were the ones to Christen me KtP!
 photo 1inchurch_zps408e3f5a.jpg
Another thing we did when we were young was sing in the church choir, the highlight of each month was the weddings (& not cos we'd get paid £1 every time, tho it did help!). We used to sit there before the service chatting about our own big day then once the service started we'd nod at each other if the bride looked really pretty & grin if the couple were local at the way they said "I Wiw." These memories all swarmed back to me as I sat in church & Caz caught my eye & grinned & then at the end, when she walked down the aisle with her new hubby, looked at me & said "I Wiw!" Made.My.Day!
 photo 3confetti_zpsdcad4c81.jpg
Another tradition we had was sweeping up the confetti (again we used to get £1 for it - notice a theme?!). I wasn't going to let this chance pass me by though & made sure I got my £1! Though maybe the footwear wasn't the best idea?!
 photo 4tribute_zpsafa000b0.jpg
After my energetic outburst I needed to wet my whistle & imagine my delight when I found out the bar at the reception had Tribute Ale (my fave!) let's all take a moment to enjoy my Tribute to Tribute above.....
 photo 5P1570105_zps6788cc54.jpg
Fully refreshed it was time to welcome in the bride & groom - I love this shot & how happy they both look :) After some very funny speeches (best man I'm looking at you!) it was time to tuck in to an amazing BBQ before it was time to let our hair down (or put it up seeing how hot it was!) for the rest of the night.
 photo 6reception2_zps8b512bae.jpg
The one thing I remember the most about Caz & Helen at our wedding was the dancing! We grew up going to dance classes & the same birthday discos so it was inevitable we'd be there making the most of it! I even packed the flat shoes ready!  We had such a giggle dancing together just like the good old days! We danced....
 photo 7dancing9_zps0ab8e358.jpg
....& danced...we even formed a conga line that went right out into the putting green of the golf club! Yoink!.
 photo 8conga_zps4c9c944e.jpg
We had planned for dad to pick us up at the end of the night (yay for local weddings!) but seeing as it was so warm we well I) decided we should walk home....45min, blistered feet & sore knees later we were home & cream crackered! Not my greatest plan ever but hey!
 photo 9ktpampadam_zps06973ee1.jpg
This photo was just snapped on my iPhone but is one of my fave pics of Adam & I so far. 
Weddings really do bring out the best in people!

Now for the soppy bit - I'm really glad the three of us have stayed in touch & got to share two very special wedding days together! Hopefully we can carry on from where we left off & not leave it too long till we go out again & I'm looking forward to getting to know the new Mr Caz a lot better! Who's up for a pint at the Queens Head?!

Ttfn x


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