Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I can’t cope!

If this pang of excitement stays with me until my wedding day I may well explode!

Whenever I see my bit of bling it makes me smile cos all I can see is Adam getting down on one knee while looking out over London & then at random times I just get a jolt of excitement rushing through me as I think “eek I’m going to be a MRS & I get to show how much I love Adam & vice versa in front of all my family & friends & have a good old party after!” what more could you want?!
Plans are going well.  I’ve been to two wedding fayres now (one with the rents & one with adam, nick & lisa (another bride-to-be!)).  The first one was lovely, nothing huge & no scary bride-zillas walking around with clipboards, just simple ideas to add an individual touch.  The second was in Croydon & a bit bigger, by this point tho I’d begun to realise that if you look interested & pick up a flyer on a cake stand they’ll give you tasters!  Needless to say we didn’t need any lunch that day & we got to try some lovely cakes!  Hehe! 

We’ve been trying to figure out our theme as well & how we want our invites to look.  I got home last night at 11:30pm (after seeing the Kings Speech, fab film if you ain’t seen it!) & adam had got some good ideas printed out so we sat down & talked it through & then BAM! the theme hit us & we got all excited!  We ended up sketching until about 1:30am & ideas were whizzing round.  That’s a pair of designers for you!  On top of that I’m going home tonight armed with a Pantone book so we can choose colours from chips with references we can quote to printers, official or what?!
Anyways I apologise for having really sickly sweet posts at the moment but I want to remember all these little exciting times so that when I’m in mid transformation of turning into bride-zilla & insisting we HAVE to have flowers that match the pantone reference exactly I can log on here & remember the day doesn’t have to be grand, no ones going to care if something so miniscule doesn’t go to plan & we don’t need a strict itinerary, it’s all about us two, our love & sharing it in the form of a huge party with everyone we love as well.
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