Wednesday, February 23, 2011

As much as I’d like to believe it - the world doesn’t revolve around me

Shocking I know!

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about how twitter/facebook/etc are taking over our lives recently & it’s scary how true it all is.  I must check these social networking sites once an hour even though I know nothing, or very little, is going to have changed.  I also sit there in the evenings watching tv with my laptop on my knee half watching the tv & half watching twitter updates about the program I’m sitting there watching!  (wow just realised how sad this post is making me out to be!)

I’m not as bad with status updates/tweets/uploading pictures as I used to be but I still find my life being ruled by social networking websites.  A few of my mates have actually deleted their facebook accounts cos of the amount of time they’ve been spending on there.  I’m not going to do anything as drastic as that cos it is nice to hear about good news & see photos of friends who live far away, but if the snaps belong to someone who I can easily pop round to see I’d much rather flick through pictures over a cuppa & have a face to face natter than just clicking ‘like.’

In Grazia last week there was an article ‘Is Twitter Making Us Mad.’ 
~ one woman claimed it keeps her sane cos she works from home & uses it to interact with others, keep up with the news & find out about smaller gossipy things.  She’s also used it for finding people for interviews & recommendations on builders & plumbers.  I’m sure that if Twitter was used for the latter then it would be a great resource but in reality it’s not.
~ as stated in the other side of the argument where women have been known to tweet during childbirth (& I also read somewhere else about someone getting their phone out during their wedding ceremony to tweet he (yes HE!) was now married!).  There was one quote that I loved “I would no sooner tweet than start screaming at strangers at a bus stop that I can’t wait for the next series of Downton Abbey.  Would you stop people in the street to tell them you’d just eaten a delicious biscuit?  No – then why tweet it?” I actually know someone who updates both facebook & twitter constantly, some points are interesting, but most of the time it is actually about biscuits, cups of tea & food!  I find myself reading it & thinking ‘why have I just wasted my time knowing that?!’ (& also where’s my lovely biscuit?!)

The other article I saw in Stylist this morning.  It spanned 3pages & explained how modern technology is taking us away from what’s happening ‘now’ & in the real world.  There was one part that was explaining about Divided Attention Disorder & said “We’re losing our ability to concentrate on anything for a length of time without distraction” I think I proved this right by the fact I had to re-read the name 3 or 4 times cos each time I saw it I read ‘David Attenborough Disorder!!!!!!’   I also found out about Do Nothing For Two Minutes website that’s been big in the States.  The aim is you spend the time relaxing & not moving your mouse or touching your keyboard for 2 whole minutes!  I found it really good to zone out & have 2mins of nothing during my lunch hour.  Though once I’d completed it, the fact you could ‘like’ this on facebook or twitter did make me laugh though cos I was trying to switch off from using those websites!

The end result is that I’ve finally decided what I’ve going to give up for lent………who knows if I’ll manage or not but I’d like to think I could do it………..
I’ll still have my mobile, email & my blog so it’s not like I’m cut off from the 21st centaury completely, really you shouldn’t need anymore than that anyway.  We managed before, why can’t we do it now?!  Though the fact I might be getting an iphone soon is going to make it even harder to not check the websites!  If I ever turn into one of these saddos who has to have their phone out all the time please remind me of my views above!

In the mean time I’m off to have a cull of followers on twitter & ‘friends’ on facebook!
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