Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We like to boogie….

A couple of weekends ago I went to a jive dance weekender in skegness at the butlins there. Now this was the weekends of many firsts:
1. I’d never been to skeggy, believe it or not I’m from the midlands & never been there!
2. I’d never been to a butlins.
3. I’d never been on a dance weekender.
So it was bound to be good from the start! We (lou, max, teddy & I) all met at kings cross & caught 2 trains to skeggy. We finally arrived about 6pm & checked into our 4 person chalet which was brilliant. Had a spot of dinner & headed off to 1 of the 2 dancefloors that were there especially for us.
The challet - teddy, me, lou & max

In total I think there were about 1,000 people there all ready to jive, west coast swing & blues their socks off! We were then joined by 4 more people from jivenation - gotham, ellie, courtney & neil. We started dancing at 11pm Friday night & finished 5am Monday morning with very little sleep in between. There were classes during the day helping you brush up on your skills which were so useful & then freestyle dancing all night. The jive room shut about 3am & the blues room just kept on going.

dancing in freestyle with neil

Have I ever told you……?! There were lots of kids around (naturally) & it only got really scary when they were all being kept in the skyline pavilion but loads of red coats jumping around singing the laughing policeman! Think that image & noise will stay with me till the end of my days!
As well as dancing we took a trip to the seaside & got my ankles sand-whipped (not pleasant & as most of you know I don’t like sand at the best of times!) & had a wander around the complex. The site was pretty big (about the same size as lufbra campus probably) so you didn’t feel trapped in some crappy holiday camp!
Another one of my firsts was the discovery of gin&tonic! Yum! Hehe. On one late night/early morning when we were walking back to our chalet for a break between dances & after g&t, rum & lots of fizzy drinks & on the high of dancing we saw lots of wild rabbits hopping around, one rabbit hopped into a bush & out flew a pigeon, I actually had to ask out loud ‘did that rabbit just fly?!’ oooh dear!
All in all it was a brill long weekend away. I got lots out of it mates wise as well as dancing & can’t wait for the next one I go to next year! Bring it!
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