Sunday, June 06, 2010

Can't beat a bit of rage!

I'm sitting on Finsbury Park along with 40,000 other people! No it's not the case of Brits all crowding out onto the 1st bit of grass they see when the sun comes out it's cos we're at the victory party to end all victory parties! When Rage Against The Machine got the chrimbo no1 beating x-factor (the 1st time in 5 yrs i think) they said they'd do a free thank you gig for the fans & that's where we are! It's hopefully gonna be a pretty ace gig! Bring it on!
Turns out there's no internet connection to post this, chuh it's the 21st century people! :-p the gig was ace! My throat's pretty sore & my knees hurt but was worth it! Sitting on the tube with a big grin on my face! When you say jump i say how high?!
Oh & the big news is we've moved! Adam & I are now home owners! It's been pretty hectic & will post more about it later. But it's pretty fun playing house!
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