Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well my elephant hunt is over. There were 258 statues all around london & today they are taken down, given a fresh lick of paint & then auctioned off for the 'elephant family' charity. Will miss wandering aound the city & spotting them. I wanted to find them all but what with moving house & all i was left about 60 short. Not bad i guess! They were all on display in westfield shopping centre (see photo) & at the royal hospital chelsea. I managed to get to westfield last night but couldn't make it to chelsea. Boo! Ah well bring on the next set of things to get excited about & i'll hunt them out! Yay!
So much has been happening recently & will blog about them when i get a moment in my hectic schedule! :-p but all in all everythin'g hunky dory!
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