Tuesday, April 06, 2010

they're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky...

....the Addam's Family! (not true at all but was the best title I could come up with!)

Easter was different for me this year – it was my first holiday with Adam’s family. Mum was so busy with church that I’m seeing them this weekend instead so we stayed at Lisa’s house & had 3 days with them in Essex. It was my first experience of a noisy & busy family time. It’s usually just Mum, Dad, Adam & me relaxing, watching tv & going for a walk. This time on the Sunday there were Adam’s parents, Jenna & Matt, Lisa & Nick, Brandon, Adam & me plus a psycho cat! Looking back on it it was quite fun to be part of such a bubbly family celebration but at certain points I wished I’d had my ear plugs! It’ll take a bit of getting used to but not in a bad way just a different way. I still managed to get a walk in though which was fun (had to walk off the amazing meal cooked by Lisa to make room for the gooey chocolate cake Matt had made!) & everyone came along. Lisa & Nick have just got a new kitten who was lovely until it started to get dark & he got wild! He scrambled around the place leaping everywhere, including aiming for my face! Crazy cat! Hopefully the next time we visit he’ll have calmed down a bit. Either that or I’ll go in full bee keepers uniform & stay well protected!

Everything else is still going well. Still no Jive classes though which is a real bummer, hopefully that’ll get kick started again soon. We’ve lost all our venues because we don’t spend enough in the bar! Chuh! Can’t help it if we’d like to actually dance & not get too drunk we can’t dance! Can you believe how difficult it is to find decent wooden dancefloors in Central London? It’s crazy. There are a few plans in the pipeline at the moment, hopefully that pipe isn’t too long & we’ll get back to classes asap now. It’s bad enough not seeing mates but you end up putting on weight too! Seeing as I need to catch up on all that lost time of eating chocolate & crisps it ain’t good!
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