Wednesday, April 21, 2010

*news flash*

Well after a few months of trying really hard not to say anything I can now confirm adam & I have bought a flat! Had a phone call yesterday to say we had exchanged successfully & we’re due to get the keys end may! It’s so exciting! Our own little place together. We can’t wait! It’s a big step & we say bring it! :P

As soon as we’d signed our contracts & paid the deposit on Saturday we made our first purchases as home owners – we got a bath mat, towels, colander, tea towels & a pedal bin for the bathroom! Just a few bits & bobs for now then we move onto the sofa, bed, shower, etc…….we’ve already ordered the kitchen too so it’s going to be all systems go as soon as we move in. Can’t wait to start making the place our own & then more importantly have a house warming!

On a totally different topic I can’t believe how noisy it is now with the planes going overhead once more. I know it’s good for the people who were stranded but it was so peaceful for a week with brilliant blue skies & no plane trails visible. Now we have a plane going over the office every 90seconds again I’m beginning to wonder how I ever got used to it & ignored it. As the 1st one flew over our office this morning we ran to the windows to see it! It was as if we’d never seen a plane before, I guess this is how it was in the good old days but not what you expect in 2010!
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Slink said...

I'm so glad it's all been finalised... what a relief! Congratulations to you both! :)