Friday, February 05, 2010

Shut your mouth there’s a bus coming

Please do! I was sitting having my tea yesterday before jive, reading my book & minding my own business until I started to notice a noise. Normally I wouldn’t be distracted, but the trouble was the noise was of someone eating with their mouth open on the table next to me. For those of you who know me, this drives me up the wall! I tried to ignore it and concentrate on each individual word in my book but it was no use, it was like Chinese water torture, each time I heard him take a bite I waited for the next much. It was vile! I was so close to telling him to close his mouth but I ended up bottling it and had to leave myself! I gave up a seat in the warm-ish to go and stand on a train platform for a bit and read my book there. Probably should have put my headphones on looking back but it was so loud I bet I would have heard it through that! Yuck! ….And rant over!

Another development in my growing up – I’ve finally put myself on the electoral roll where I’m living now! Wow I know! There’s hope for me yet!


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