Thursday, February 11, 2010

quick update....

Well so far so good mortgage-wise. The grown up meeting went well & I actually understood what we were being told! Miracles do happen! I even find myself looking at property/mortgage/money websites for first time buyers as well as my facebook/twitter/hotmail/yahoo/dimestoresaints/myspace during my daily interweb browse in the mornings, please note the "as well as" not the "instead of!" The next 2 Saturdays we have other meetings lined up and then I’ve got to do my very best to start keeping evenings & weekends free to look at places we want to live! We’re so excited! It all seems to have gone quite quickly so far which I wasn’t expecting (not that that’s a bad thing!) and so we’ve started to look at areas of London we want to live in and what kind of property we want to buy! Eep! Dreading the part when we find somewhere we love and then it goes to another couple through a bidding war but hey lets find a place to love first & who knows, lady luck might be on our side! Yeehaw!

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