Monday, February 01, 2010

All my friends are getting married, mortages and pension plans….

When I first heard this line in a song by Frank Turner I didn’t really think much of it other than it’s a line about growing up. But now I’ve realised this could be my motto for 2010!

A lot of my friends are definitely getting married either last year, this year and hopefully for years to come, some have started sorting pension ideas and then we finally come to mortgages, which Adam and I are starting to embark on ourselves. We have out very 1st meeting with a mortgage advisor at the weekend to find out how much we can afford and then eventually the hunt will begin for property that’s bigger than a shoebox that we can afford in London! Living on cloud cuckoo land?! I hope not! It’ll be so exciting to start looking at places we can live in and not have to worry about anyone else, be it family or random flatmates leaving a mess everywhere. The only mess will be our mess and if we don’t want to wash up straight after cooking just in case someone else might need that saucepan then we won’t have to! Huzzah! It’s dead exciting and we both can’t wait. Don’t want to get too lovey dovey but it’ll be ruddy marvellous! :)

This is definitely going to be the year of growing up I think, but not in the boring fuddy duddy way, more the exciting let’s do more exciting grown up things!! Apart from buying a house there’ll be proper budgeting to do, cooking to master(!!), house parties to organise & I need to start eating healthier (well a girl can dream can’t she?!). I know I’m only putting down the nice things that lie ahead and I know there’ll be tougher times too but hey remember the name of this blog ‘the happy little world of miss ktp’ and I just want to keep y’all happy! :P


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