Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well I'm another year older, but not necessarily wiser...

After getting stupidly excited over my birthday this year (I swear I get mentally younger each year!) it came and it went and was well worth getting excited about as well as the days that followed!

On the actual day I was with Adam in London. I'd decided I'd love to go to London Zoo so that's where we ended up. This was after my 1st surprise of the day - Adam had found out we could get a canal boat from Camden to the zoo so that was a lovely treat in the morning and we enjoyed watching the world go slowly by.
The zoo was great fun and we saw lots of animals and thankfully not too many kids! There was one enclosure where they had set up an area as a Rainforest but the animals weren't behind bars or glass they could wander in and out of the balcony you walked around on if they wanted too. :) that was really cool and I got to see a Sloth which was ace! Adam didn't knwo what one was until I explained what they did and how lazy they are and now we've deicded that I am infact a Sloth! Fact!

Me just before I did my make up & hair that morning!
There were so many things to see and do but thankfully we managed to see it all before I was told I had to go and get changed in the zoo toilets into something posh (which I'd thankfully been pre-warned about!) for my final treat. It was quite funny walking out of the zoo in a dress and high heels while kids and families ran past us in jeans and trainers!

Seeing as we had enough time we deicded to get the canal boat in the other direction towards Little Venice which was really nice again though I did nearly break my neck going down the steps into the boat! :S

Me waiting down by the canal for the boat in my posh frock!
Adam and I dressed up.
My 2nd surprise was being taken out to dinner to one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants - Maze. It was brilliant and we had so much fun pretending to be posh while the waiters buzzed around us offering us wine menues where the cheapest wine was £9 and seeing if we wanted more food or more bread! The restaurant had a taster menu so we enjoyed that and tried 2 small, but rich, dishes as well as a desert each. It was such a lovely end to the day. We were worried we'd look a bit common an not posh enough but we had nothing to worry about when a group of 4 women sat on the table next to us and asked if they could just share one dish between the 4 of them (the plates were big but the food was petite!), when the waiter explained about the size of the dishes one woman piped up 'oh so it isn't like a Chinese restaurant where you just pick at a dish in the middle!' :S yoink! haha. Although we'd only had 3 small dishes and some sweets afterwards we actually felt really full.
On the Friday Adam drove us back to the rents house and we spent a long weekend there which was lovely. It didn't end up being very relaxing but it was really good fun! We had so many places to go to and people to see but was brill. On the Saturday night Adam and I hit Hinckley town and met up with Michelle, Mel, Rox & Rew so that was really nice catching up with them. I hadn't realised how much I missed Leicestershire prices though till I bought a round of drinks (5 sambuca, 1 tequilla, 4 non-alcoholic drinks & 1 alcoholic drink) for £19! Bargain!! I wasn't supposed to be drinking but seeing as it was my birthday and people were buying........well, it would have been rude!! :P
I paid for it the next morning though when we had to get up at 5am to go to a carboot. It wasn't untill I stood in the shower before setting off that I realised I was still a leetle bit drunk and it just went downhill from there! A carboot, in the drizzle, with a hangover forming and portaloos aint good! I'll let you fill in the gaps!!!

As you can see I was overjoyed at being awake and not snuggled in my bed recovering. Though the hangover doesn't explain my dis-proportioned limbs here!! This was taken about 8am and we didn't leave untill about 2pm! :S We made a bit of money though which'll go towards our holiday fund. :)
Left mum & dad's house on bank holiday monday, much to our dismay (we don't like leaving Leics cos we always seem more chilled and have fun away from the hustle & bustle of the city) and drove back to London in time to get to The Gaslight Anthem gig at ULU. They were brill. I didn't know alot about them but now they're ace!

Adam and I got right to the front and cos there was no barrier we were right against the stage. Adam protected me for the gig though and stood behind me with his arms pushing against the stage to make a little den for me to dance in and enjoy the music without being crushed! bless him. think his wrists still hurt now! :S Got some brill photos of the band members and managed to get the set list at the end too which was cool! Seeing as there was no barier before the stage if anyone crown surfed they just ended up right on the stage which people figured out really quickly! In the photo above you can just see a guy running off stage being chased by a bouncer!! It was such a fun gig and the guys in the band really enjoyed themselves too, don't think they were expecting such a good atmosphere and that many people to know their songs. Check them out!
Right that's me done for now.......we're having a party, and everybody's swining.......:D

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