Thursday, August 14, 2008

dictionary definition of the word 'fast' anyone?!

Rant time again – this time self-serve check outs, or fast lanes as supermarkets like to call them. Hmm that’s debatable for sure. You end up waiting for one to be free longer than if you had queued in the longest queue in the world behind trollies and everything at the other end of the checkout row.

They drive me mad but still I wait there and use them. I really don’t know why! I always think, ‘ooh hang on it might be a bit quicker this time’ but no, you always have to ‘wait for assistance’ cos either the item doesn’t weigh as much as the machine was expecting, or your card chip and pin won’t work, or you’ve skipped bagging to be environmentally friendly by bringing your own bags but it ends up causing more problems than if you didn’t , or something wont scan cos its too creased, wet, dry, faded, you name it the scanner has a problem with it!

I truly believe that when you join the queue the shop assistants should hand out leaflet explaning why this line may be bad for your health, you blood preasue will rise dramatically and how it could be quicker to find the longest queue and wait there instead.

Anyways I need to get some pasta for dinner tonight. Adam’s not coming over till 8pm but I think I better leave work early, like now, cos I’m sure I’ll end up waiting at the fast checkout just incase it’ll be quicker!


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