Wednesday, August 06, 2008

incase you don't remember me...i'm ktp...nice to meet you!

i know, i know, i know, i'm officially rubbish!

i keep meaning to write on here but whatever i do never feels interesting enough to bother you lot with! so, my last post was......may 28th! oops! i'm flicking through my diary to see what i've been up to since then. is it really that long?! i cant believe it!

1. the main thing i've been doing regularly is meeting up with anna, becca and cess once a month in london seeing as we're all living here now, be it spread out, but in the city all the same! it's great seeing the 3 of them regularly cos there was a bit of a lul after everyone graduated and settled down in various places but now we have a good old girly gossip at least once a month! much needed!

2. i've been on a few trips with work:

- florence for pitti, and mum and dad come out for a long weekend to see me too. it was great having sometime away with them in the sunshine and showing them around florence and all our regular haunts! though you don't quite realised how expensive florence is till you're spending your own money - 5euros for a coke?!?!

- barcelona for bread and butter (another trade fair), this time adam came along for work and pleasure! we spent a day at the fair and a long weekend sightseeing and generally relaxing. barcelona was really nice, tho not as great as i was expecting cos everyone had bigged it up a bit too much before hand!! we enjoyed it all the same and made the most of the sunshine.

- i've just come back from another (very short) india trip. i was dreading it cos it's supposed to be monsoon but the weather was fine and didn't really rain much, hope it starts to soon tho cos they need it, i'm just glad it held off while we were there!! got lots of work done for autumn/winter 2009/10 and made sure we had fun out there also with the design teams! gotta love leopolds!

3. i've been to wimbledon with adam. we went on the 1st day and had court 1 tickets. we saw leyton hewitt and serena williams playing. i still reckon it was edge of your seat stuff and so does adam but we disagree on the reasons - mine was that the hewitt match was really fun and adam thinks that it's cos the seats were so blimmin' uncomfortable!! men!

4. last sunday i went to my first ever football match. we saw hamburg v juventus and arsenal v real madrid all at the emirates stadium. i actually really enjoyed it and would go to another one if i get the chance, (bit of a change from all my other rants saying how rubbish football is how i hate it! love does funny thigns to you! :S) i even wore a football shirt much to my dad's dismay! though it was a bit awkward when people kept asking if i was a life long gunners fan cos i was wearing a shirt from the 1990's seeing as it was the only one of adam's that fitted!! busted!

5. 2 weekends ago i went to the ben & jerrys festival on clapham common with adam, ash and lisa. that was great fun and it was made even better cos we made it to both days this time cos adam didn't get food poisoning! :S it was dead hot in london, in the 30s, and so had far too much ice cream and pimms and ended up having to lie down and sleep it all off under a little make shift umbrella tent thingy while some of the bands played! oops! well worth it though!

....actually after all that i have been doing lots of great things i'm just too lame to come on here and tell y'all about it! my new half year (and a bit) resolution is to post more on here - fact!


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