Thursday, February 07, 2008

panic before i even get to the disco!

there's nothing like the panic you get when you try on something that you know isn't going to fit in a changing room and then get it stuck.......

i'm sure most of you know what i'm talking about, it's the last one, and is a size too small but you think 'oh it might fit, i'll give it a go' it also doesn't help when you ask the assistant if they have anything bigger and they say no but it's big for its size! sorry?! then it wouldn't be labelled a medium it would be a large wouldn't it?! but gullible as i am i was like 'oh ok cool i'll try it.' those fatal words!
i went into the changing rooms and they were so small i could hardly fit in with myself, my bag and the garments i wanted to try on. So i got said large that was disguising itself as a medium and put it over my head. i struggled a bit and at this point most people would think 'nah, it's ok it's not going to fit.....' oh no, not me, i think that if i wriggle a bit and tug at it it's bound to fit me, it's a larger size than it says apparently. i eventually get it on and its gross! really grim. so i go to take it off. oh its a bit tight. surely it wasn't this tight when i put it on. i couldn't have just gained a stone while looking at myself in the mirror could i?! so the panic sets in. i start wrestling with this bit of fabric, meanwhile getting all hot and bothered so making it harder to get it off and remember i'm in this dressingroom that's so small i can just about turn around.
i should have known that when i could hardly fit into their dressing room i was too fat to fit in any of the clothes in the shop and just walked out calmly but instead im stuck in a dressing room all flustered! it must have looked insteresting from the outside cos i was flailing around and i'm sure the curtain would have been thrashing about as i finally get this piece of fabric that has nearly given me a heartattack off my poor body. it's then in a crumpled heap on the floor and i realise i better get it looking semi-decent again on it's hanger before i leave so i make this medium/large look lovely for the next victim to try it on. i then walk out of the changing room, say to the assistant that i wasn't keen on it as calmly as possible and leave the shop as if nothing has happened!

the reason for all this frantic trying on? i've been told that a cocktail party that i'm going to with adam on saturday night is a posh affair and i need a dress. sorry?! a dress, surely i've not worn one of these dress-things since i was about 6 when it was pink and black and frilly and i thought it was ace! but no ktp has to go and find a dress before saturday......the hunt continues!

oh and yes yes i know it's been a long time posting! yoink!


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