Tuesday, February 12, 2008

cinders did go to the ball (well cocktail party)

well the hunt for a dress was in vain, i found nothing and i may have even lost a shopping partner in the process! i was in one of those moods that meant that nothing looked right - it had too many frills, not enough frills, was too baggy, was not baggy enough.....i think you get the message! i'm not usually THAT bad at shopping but when i'm in the wrong mood and it's for something i don't really want to buy then god help anyone who comes shopping with me. adam's never experienced that before and probably never will now as he's vowed never to go shopping with me especially for a dress again! yoink!

when i realised i wasn't going to find a dress i decided to go for the 'narnia' approach instead and hope that when i opened my wardrobe i'd find something amazing at the back of it that i didn't realise i had! it kind of worked cos i looked in and delved to the lefthand side where i hang all my skirts and managed to find one that hadn't been worn out before and wasn't too creased! bonus! don't get me wrong, my wardrobe isn't like a walk in closet, it's tiny, but i still managed to loose things in there and find somethings i didn't know i had! needless to say the party went really well and i was quite glad that i didn't buy a dress specially for it cos adam and i left just before midnight cos we'd both had too much to drink! lame i know! :S

well it's that time of year again and for the 2nd year now i have a boyfriend for valentines day! :D this year i'm being taken to paris for 3days starting tomorrow so i'm sure i'll post when i get back, tho i won't make it too lovey dovey and bleugh! promise! you won't catch me being one of those smug marrieds!


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