Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tickets more sort after than Glastonbury.......!

A couple of weekends ago was the very exclusive 'P-fest.' So exclusive many people won't have even heard of it! It was held at mum and dad's house so I couldn't really invite loads of people, so sorry if you didn't get an invite, it was purely for space! I do still like you!! :P


Adam and I drove to Leicester on the Friday afternoon and then Dan and Kat (2 other members from the band W.I.T.) travelled down by train. Friday was nice and relaxed and we all chillaxed in the hottub together. I'm such a groupie!!

Saturday was when the excitement started......the band spent the day rehearsing ready for their Leicester debut! At 7:30 the guests started to arrive and the nights fun began. Unfortunately it was raining so in reality it was very authentic festival weather, but seeing as people were coming to enjoy themselves and not get caked in mud we decided to move everything indoors. Everything that is except the bbq. poor dad still went outside and did the bbq under his umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh, eh!!). That's dedication! The food was really yummy so thanks dad but as usual the Waldorf salad was the best!! hehe :-P It was a great night cos so many people showed up that I hadn't seen for quite a while as well as the regulars!! There were groups from London, Lufbra, Weave and St Martins. Thanks a lot for coming guys!

At about 9pm W.I.T started their acoustic set. They played some of their own songs and Lost In Here went down very well with the crowd! (check out their website or for the songs.) They also did some requested covers that included Summer of 69, I Would Walk 500 Miles, Rocking All Over The World that sort of thing and the big surprise of the night was when they started playing One For Sorrow by Steps! Michelle, Mum and I were proudly doing the dance just like the good old days! Hehe. Sad but true! We also carried on the little steps theme later on and had a little boogie! The party went on till about 4am when we finally crashed after drinking a lot of Ale and Pimms washed down with Absinth! haha. So that's it for P-Fest this year and we'll have to see if there's going to be another one..........! Watch this space!

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