Tuesday, August 28, 2007

chapter 1.....

As you can probably tell I still don’t have internet in my new flat hence no posts on my blog! So I'm writing this offline and will post it when I get somewhere with internet! A lot has happened recently so I'll start writing from a few weeks ago and will eventually catch up to date with what's been going on. I don't want you all falling asleep at your desk as you try to read one huge post from me!

Just imagine....the whole of earls court was turned into a pub. wow, heaven!!! That's right it was time for the great British beer festival in London, it was great fun. you could buy 3rd of a pint for about 70p so it was a great way to try lots of different beers and not get too drunk in the process! :-S you could also chat to a badger on the badger phone - don't ask, it seemed like a great idea when we were there! honest! Not really got much to say on this cos it was literally a huge pub and lots of real ale!

After that Adam and I staggered to Brixton to see Silver Chair who were pretty good but I wish I'd heard more of their stuff before I'd gone as I didn't really know enough of what they did. It was great to go out with Sarah, Cath and Krysha (my old flatmates), just like the old times!!

The next morning we (Adam and I) had to make our way to Gatwick airport ready to fly to Prague for Sarah's birthday weekend. 6 of us went and we had a really great time there and it was nice to see the place in the sunshine instead of the snow (like when i went in 1st year). i think i prefer the snow and coldness tho! its more magical!

we did all the touristy things and went to the church where all the decorations are made of bone. I'd been there last time but its still pretty weird to walk into a church thats decorated with bones of people who died during the plague and then couldnt be burried cos of lack of space. creepy!

our hostel was fun too. it wasnt actually in the main hostel it was a few streets away and was inside a shopping arcade! so we had a key to open the shopping bit when it got late! we had to open the door to the block of flats into a dark dark coridoor, that lead to some dark dark stairs, that lead to a dark dark landing (sounds like funnybones doesn't it?! didnt see any skeletons tho! :S) then into our flat. it had 2 big bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room and a bathroom. there was also another bedroom with a double bed in and had 2 people staying in but we never met them or saw them! :S was a bit dodgy, even as the bathroom door didnt lock!

on sarahs actual birthday we went to the nightclub thats on 5 floor and each floor plays different music. it was brill! i loved the top floor and the old time cheesy floor! That one played all the classics while the top floor really remided me of cosmo and taika - nowhere near as nice tho! it was great to have somewhere to chillax on sofas and beanbags with housemusic in the background! id defniately recommend it!

anyways think thats about it for now.....ill update it all again soon, its written i just dont want to lumber you with all of it at once!!! so this is the end of chapter one............................................................


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