Friday, August 03, 2007

day 59 in the big brother house............

i know this is a bit behind the times but my internet aint been working at home so i havent been able to blog recently so heres a little back track of what's been happening in ktpland:

last friday i managed to get 4 tickets to the big brother eviction night. I was so excited!
it was a good night to get tickets for too cos one of the girls that everyone loved to hate was up and so we knew it would be a good atmosphere, and we weren't wrong! adam bless him had been in the que since about 5pm and the rest of us didn't turn up until about 6:30! we eventually got in after everyone else in bright costumes and banners were allowed to push in (we werent told about that, if we knew we could have done something!!) we then went through some very strict security searches and sniffer dogs (more for show than anything i think, he wasnt the best behaved dog in the world!!) we later learned though that security had been tightened cos of charlie and the fact that quite alot of people hated her! we were told that if anyone threw anything at her we would be arrested on the spot. thing is i was trying to weigh up whether it was worth throwing something and it hitting charlie then getting arrested!! haha! who says i get carried away with reality tv?!


the show went live on air and pretty much the whole crowd were boo-ing and yelling 'get charlie out' over poor davina while she tried to talk to the camera! thankfully after almost an hour of boo-ing charlie was announced as the person coming out of the house! (sorry im sure most of you dont care about this ive just realised so ill keep it brief!!)


she came out and the boos were amazing, really loud! :S it was really good fun - the atmosphere and being with other people as sad as me!! it even made up for the stress of getting there in time after work so it must have been good!


on the saturday adam and i had tickets for the ben & jerrys festival on clapham common. we were told we got free ice cream but i though that that was just one tub and that was it, but infact it was free UNLIMITED ice cream! how good is that?! ben and jerrys too! hehe. thankfully it was really sunny after all the crappy weather weve had here so it made the day even better! there was live music from 12pm - 8pm and everyone was just chillaxing on the grass which was nice. the bands nearer the start i didnt really know but then the Bees came on which was ace, so i was happy about that! not sure how many other people were tho cos they aint that well known and also their microphones werent that loud so people couldnt really hear them that well. i enjoyed it anyway and i was right at the front :) i also got a cow print picnic blanket so i was pretty happy!


the headlining act was The Feeling and i aint really a big fan of them so adam and i held fort on our little picnic blanket as everyone crowded round us to see them! if you ever get the chance to do this try it - cos we were on the picnic blanket we were lying down but everyone around us was standing, its a very odd feeling! us two lying there surrounded by a load of standing randoms! it was quite funny!


at the end of the day tho adam got sick. we think he had food poisoning which wasnt good so nurse p had to come to the rescue and thankfully after the number of times we were ill in india it prepared me a bit more for what was happening! to cut a long story short we got home eventually in a taxi with adam concentrating on not being ill and then he spent the whole night and the rest of the next day not a well bunny. we were due to go back to the festival the day after but we left it (not suprisingly!!) and just took it easy at home. i hasten to add it wasnt the festival food tho that made him ill or the ice cream cos we'd tried to be clever and took food with us in a cool bag so it was something in there. grr! thatll learn us! oh and can i just say nhs direct were useless! grr!

thats about it for now but will hopefully be back on line at home again soon and i can start posting again! :)

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your photos would suggest that there were more random sittings than random standings.

Tell money is on United this year.The Arse have little to offer.