Tuesday, July 17, 2007

we're all going on a summer holiday....

A couple of weeks ago Adam and I went to the Isle of Wight for 4 days. I’d never been before so was really looking forward to getting away from the city and into the middle of nowhere.
We were staying in Sandown in a pub called the Castle. It was quite nice actually and the landlord was lovely. Their breakfasts were brill, tho by the last day we had to ask for half a full English breakfast cos they were so big! :S haha.


To get to the beach it only took a few minutes and so on the first day we went down to the pier and started the holiday as we meant to go on – at the arcades!! My guilty pleasure is the 2p machines, I managed to win loads on them, tho I put it all back in again once I’d won it! Adam’s little thing is all about the grabby machines. He’s quite good actually and usually wins. I got a dumbo which was quite cute. He also won a Wario character but I refused to have that one cos it looked a bit too much like a clown and freaked me out too much!! :S

We were dead lucky with the weather too on the 1st day and so I got lots of arty pics which I’ll load onto my photoblog someday soon. I think Adam started to think I was on holiday with my camera more than him tho! I’m really turning into dad when I go away with my slr, I better be careful or adam’ll turn into my packhorse like mum and I did for dad whenever we went to America! :S On top of that we’ll end up waiting about half an hour for the sun to be right on a sunflower! Yoink hehe!

Other places we went to were:

- Butterfly farm and fountain world which was cool and the butterflies we lovely tho I did get a bit freaked out when I saw all the cocoons and it reminded me of silence of the lambs! Then on top of that they had all these freaky models in a dimly lit room and most of these models consisted of clowns!!! Eep! All these kids and old people were enjoying watching them dancing and I practically ran through with my head down!

- Waltzing waters, it was fountains to water. The only different thing about it was that it was inside! It looked like an old leisure centre and when you went into the auditorium it looked like a lecture theatre. Once the lights went out all these fountains started shooting up on stage! It was mad! Looked really nice tho!

- The model village, does exactly what it says on the tin! Was nice going round it, tho we could have done without the rain!

- The needles. Thankfully there was a break in the weather when we went to see these tho it still was very windy so we didn’t go down on the chairlifts! One brave couple did, didn’t see them come back up tho!! :S It was really picturesque when we saw them cos it was all grey and cloudy apart from the needles that were in sunlight. While we were at Alum Bay we went to fill a glass thing with coloured sand, it was tradition apparently! We picked the least tackiest we could find and then did one each!


- Yarmouth. The weather was on and off here but it cleared up when we found a little jetty on a little stoney beach and we got some really nice photos. Yarmouth was pretty, it was a typical seaside place and so I loved it cos I get a little over excited when I see the sea!!



- After following the sat nav and going the shortest route (which involved us going down tiny, muddy country lanes! :S ) we finally arrived at the steam train.. Adam’s car was a little bit muddy to say the least, and I suppose that him and his car got their own back seeing as I’d asked it to go the shortest route when I stepped out of the car, slipped and fell over! When we arrived at the platform they were having a 1940s themed weekend which was fun. We travelled for about half an hour on the steam train (in 1st class of course!!) and saw the lovely views of the Isle of Wight. Thankfully this bit was in the sunshine too!

- One afternoon we went to the zoo. The special thing about this zoo was the fact that it had the biggest number of tigers there. We even got to see a white tiger. She was beautiful, never seen one before. Our other animal thing we did was the donkey sanctuary. It was lovely. The donkeys were so sweet and kept coming up to us for a stroke which was cute! Don’t think Adam was that excited about going to this before we arrived (could you blame him?!) but I think by the end I’d kind of converted him!


- Another necessity of the trip was shopping!! And of course the necessity within the necessity was the fact that I HAD to buy some shoes! Not worn them yet cos I’m scared of getting them dirty but I will one day! :S We got a few more odds and sods too but nowt as exciting as my shoes!!

The one big souvenir we came back with that we both could ‘enjoy’ was a wonderful cold! Yuck! Not impressed!


So all in all it was a quaint, fun holiday. Completely different to our city lifestyles, eventhough I may have thought it was a little like Royston Valley at times!! :S hehe.


p.s I’ve had the most annoying hiccups all day on and off. Any cures would be gratefully accepted!!

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