Wednesday, July 04, 2007

busy busy bee!

seeing as i'm off work sick today (yes i am looking for sympathy!! :P) i thought id update y'all on what i've been up to. I've been all over the place and dont really feel like i've stopped so gonna just do a few notes really!

A few weeks ago a group of us went to alton towers as the unwritten anual traditional rule says we must do! it was a perfect time to go really cos it was a monday, no schools or unis were off and it was raining a bit so there was pretty much no one around! we almost didn't go cos the entrance tickets are now £32 EACH couldn't believe it, but we managed to get BOGOF vouchers thankfully and wasn't too bad. Who can actually afford to spend that much on a day out?! we managed to get on most of the big rides at least once and i gradually deafened everyone as i screamed my way around them! cos we hadn't been last year (shock gasp!) all the rides seemed so much better and i'm sure they'd made oblivion higher and the other rides faster! either that or i've gotten old hehe!!

The day after A.T Adam and I went to see the Smashing Pumpkins at shepherds bush empire and it was mucking fagic!
They were wearing slightly odd outfits a bit like white jumpsuits with a white bedsheet wrapped around their necks!! don't ask, i guess thats what famous people can do and get away with! :S they played for 2hours 45min non stop and had no support act. it was amazing. tho i did get a headache from the strobe lighting effect that was used a bit too much!! (i really am getting old i think!!)
i probably should have brushed up on the songs before i went cos i didn't really know much of their stuff but i still really enjoyed it.

The day after that I went to Florence with work! phew, told you i had been busy!! We went to the trade fair pitti uomo. the weather was brill, so much better than the uk (rain, rain and more rain!) it was about 38 degrees.

This photo above is the view of the duomo from my balcony at the hotel! it was gorgeous! to make it better we all got complimentary bottles of wine!!

Donna and I went around the fair together and got caught by the fashion police (not cos we were wearing dodgy stuff!) they thought we were drawing sketches of designs and they checked our notebooks but we were only doing notes so it was fine thankfully! Din't fancy getting my book ripped up and being thrown out, cos thats what happened to some other people. :S

i've been really enjoying work recently cos i've been getting all of the spring summer 08 designs ready with the indian design team. im looking forward to seeing all the shirts coming through with all the styles and designs weve been working on since easter.

the view from the airport cafe, thankfully it was a good view cos our flight was delayed by 2 & half hours.
As soon as we landed arf met me at gatwick and we drove to lufbra for a big get together before most people graduated. cant believe everyone except arf has finished now. it's weird! felt like everyone would always be there, well arf always will but thats it!! hehe :P not got all the photos sorted for that yet but will hopefully have them on my photoblog sometime soon!
well thats ciao for now....

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