Wednesday, May 09, 2007

hay hay it's freefest!!

Well its that time of year again, beerkeller & freefest! :-)

Adam & i drove up to lufbra saturday morning & thankfully the traffic was fine. We left early cos of it being the bank holiday weekend but we didnt really need to the roads were pretty clear.

We got to lufbra about midday & seeing as the promised rain was holding off we all decided to have a bbq. It was really nice having everyone together chillaxing outside. The gang consisted of Rfa, mattay, tricky, anna, sam, john, ross, ola, adam & me. After our food the swingball was fetched out of the greenhouse & i am pleased to say all those years of playing swingball with mum when i was little paid off & i was, (thanks to tina turner) simply the best! Hehe.

That night it was the beerkeller & thankfully i was a bit (not alot!) more prepared for it & didnt need to call 0800-carrymehome! Was a fun night & i did end up falling backwards over a fence but i was pushed ok?!

Sunday we met the folks & went for a sunday roast & a wall in the park which was really nice. Then later that evening, before we all got so bored we went insane we went bowling. Now, cos id won @ swingball the day before i felt like i had to give everyone else a chance @ winning something so i purposefully played crap & kept 'putting' the ball in the gutter! I hope thats clear to everyone now! Hehe.

Monday was good old freefest! The beers were still flowing tho many of the good ones (tribute) had run out. Noo! Hehe. It only rained a few times thankfully & by the time the good bands were playing it was quite nice. Before we ate or drank too much some of us went on the fairground ride which was great fun! The day was made better by seeing lots of old mates as i walked between the bar & the stage & it was really nice that slink & niall came to join us too. :-) all the way through the afternoon there were hay bails tied up @ the side of the stage but by the time the last 3 bands started playing it was everywhere! (See photographic evidence below!) Im still picking it out of my hood now! It was all a good giggle tho & everyone enjoyed themselves. Freefest had to finish @ 9 this year cos of the noise last year so we went to the union for postfest but after a drink (of coke by that point!) in jcs, we decided to call it a day & headed home leaving a trail of straw behind us!

Tuesday, adam & i had sensibly taken off work to recover! so we chillaxed & wandered round lufbra for a bit before heading back to london that night.

Ah i could get used to starting the week on a wed & finishing on a fri! Hehe.


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