Sunday, November 12, 2006

Miss p textile designer extrodinaire!

I was quite impressed with this bag! I got to work on friday &ealised i didnt have a bag to go out with so i got a magazine that had one free. I then realised it was really cheap & ming (!) so i searched through my bag & found some random things in there to sew onto it & the photo above is what i managed to do on the train to lufbra! I was quite proud of it! :-)

One thing Ive noticed this year is the lack of poppies on peoples coats. I think thats really sad that people arent buying them & wearing them very much now. Ive always worn one & i will usually buy about 3 a year cos ill buy the first one so early thatll ill loose it & the same with the next one! Hopeless! At least Ive made up for 2 other people that didnt buy one this year!


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Slink said...

cool bag missey... i noticed the poppy thing too... I was even more pissed off to see a group of kids walking along talking through the 2 minutes silence on the 11th!! I bought a poppy but I lost it within the hour... :(