Tuesday, October 03, 2006

only smarties have the answer...

right well why have you made them minging? they're new advert goes on about them now containing no artificial colours. for a start theres no blue ones which made me angry!! they're my favourite colour, (sad i know but it matters to me!). i then tipped the rest onto my desk and they're all dull colours. they actually taste different. not as smartie like as they once did (the orange still taste different from the rest of the packet tho, why is that?!) also whats with the new packaging? wheres the plastic lid with the letter on? i want to be on a mission to spell my name again but alas i can no longer do that! i used to rip open the tube at the end and use it as a telescope (ok that was when i was very young honnest)!!

bring back the E numbers!! grr!


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