Friday, April 07, 2006

weaver beaver!

just to let you know im still on this planet and aint got trapped in my loom or anything! ive just not really been up to much, i could possibly be turning into a hermit! all the time im in the house im weaving! standing up in my room clattering and banging around! the only times i get a break is when theres summit better than weaving to watch on the tv or do outside; alot of this that appeals to me tho so i havent really been weaving at much at all! i.e watching deal or no deal or neighbours, or going shopping etc!

i started this post trying to get the sympathy vote but there really isnt much point!! :-P

ah well never mind! (pretty pointless post really but hey!)


Anonymous said...

The same fone as Basement Barry !!!!

Very chav,indeed.

You will always have our deepest sympathy.K.T. --- living as you do in England.

Bets of luck with the whole 8 yards.


ktp05 said...

once a chavette always a chavette!!

(tho it does take good photos as u can see in my post above! always useful for an exhibitionist like me!)