Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Captain's log - Zombie Apocalypse

Hey pals & welcome to Tommy Tuesday.....

A few weekends ago I was called up to Coventry to help with a Zombie outbreak.... I grabbed my Walking Dead bandana & best spider-pug suit & set off to help...
 photo PhotoGrid_1478194506160_zpsx9h5bbaf.jpg
I met my other zombie-hunting pups at a wood where we heard there were some creepy Zombies around but we also had the chance to find the vaccine as well as some ammo, first aid kids & weapons....we tried to look as brave as possible and set off....
 photo PhotoGrid_1478194470294_zpscp7unraa.jpg
We hunted high and low for boxes and bottles as well as stopping for the odd photo opportunity, treats & zoomies....you know what they say about all work and no play right?!
 photo PhotoGrid_1478194517738_zpsobgkzkha.jpg
After no luck with finding the vaccine but avoiding capture from the dreaded bridge-zombie we made our way back to the safe-zone where we were greeted with a new challenge of trying to jump up & grab as many jacket potatoes & cakes the hoomans were enjoying before we were each given treat bags and doggy cupcakes....that wasn't all...
 photo PhotoGrid_1478194588601_zpsrdugcq8f.jpg
What does every great zombie-hunter need.....that's right...doggy beer! 
 photo PhotoGrid_1478194448710_zps5xoyvwpq.jpg
Cheers pups.....here's to more adventures in the not too near far distant future!

Until next time...stay pawesome x

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