Sunday, May 15, 2016

Perfick Sunday

Now this is what I call ideal.....
 photo PhotoGrid_1463348797351_zpsxoqwjfhq.jpg
I'm a bit late to the game with this book but it's awesome! Wen I told Adam I'd bought a book about tidying he was less than impressed but now I have to wrestle it out of his hands so I get to read it too. It's written in such an easy way & it's inspired us to throw out so much clutter...we've already got rid of about 10bags (mainly clothes - how did we have so much?!). We're planning to carboot a load next weekend & then the real blitz starts bank holiday weekend & I actually can't wait. I'm so eager to get going & to stop living in such a cluttered house.
Bring. It. On
Ttfnx x

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AJP said...

Hope that includes all the stuff you have stored at in our loft