Monday, May 04, 2015

It was a British bank holiday - what more did we expect?!

I thought the song was Drip Drip Drop Little April Shower?! I was obviously wrong. As we arrived in Devon for Art & Sam's non-wedding wedding party on Saturday we were greeted with a fine mist of rain, you know, the fine stuff that soaks you through?! Well it didn't just soak us it soaked our tent too & after 2hrs of battling with a new tent, wind & rain & I was drenched right through to my knickers (lovely bit of info for you all there!).
Thankfully the weather improved a bit yesterday & then today (as we were leaving) it was wonderful sunshine - typical! I'll have more on the party when I've been through all the photos but for now enjoy the one of me above looking my best, loving life & being really glad we decided to camp!

Ttfn x

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AJP said...

Looks like the tent was a Good Buy or was that Goodbye