Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here's Johnny #Shining35

Who knew it's been 35years since the world first heard this iconic phrase? On Monday we were lucky enough to get tickets to a special anniversary event at The Odyssey Cinema in St Albans.
After grabbing an ale (always classy) we walked into the stunning auditorium. Old fashioned music was playing while behind the scenes photos taken during filming showed on screen. Once we were all settled Howard Berry introduced Lee Unkrich (the director of Toy Story 3 & caretaker of The Overlook Hotel website) for a small Q&A session. He spoke to Jan Harlan (executive producer), Diane Johnson (who co-wrote the screen play with Kubrick), Garret Brown (inventor of the Stedicam) & Gordon Stainforth (musical editor).You can see more about what was said HERE.

Just before the film started (the director's cut not shown in UK cinemas before) we were treated to a video message from Danny Lloyd & he ended it by filming one of his kids riding a trike in the house in a brilliant reference to the film.

I really enjoyed watching the film for once. Usually it scares me to death but this time I felt like I was watching it with new eyes after hearing people talk about it & specific scenes. Once the credits started rolling we all applauded. After the curtains finally closed Howard Berry introduced about 20 members of crew & the twins up onto stage & we all cheered & applauded the people who'd been part of making such a wonderful film.
Photo thanks to Ila Desi - see her website HERE

We hung around for a bit chatting to people & finally just before we left we got what we had hoped for - a photo with the twins!

We're so lucky to be living in a place with such amazing film history. If you haven't seen my post about the film "From Borehamwood to Hollywood" check it out HERE I've also heard there's to be another screening of this in June so don't miss it!

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