Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#PoppyRun / walk / run / walk

I can’t believe my first 5K run is in less than a week....I really hoped by now I’d be well into my training & enjoying having a target...well I’m not! I’m still only managing to complete the 5K in intervals. I think I naively thought I’d be able to do it without putting in extra training, instead I’ve been running 3min + fast paced walking 2min twice a week completing 5K in 40min & I’ve had nowhere near enough practice outside. But Hey, it’s too late now. I went to the gym this morning, I’ll go again on Friday morning & then I do the run Sunday.

So please think of me when you’re relaxing at home (probably still in bed) while I’ll be outside ready to take on my first ever run. It’ll be an experience & I’ve always wanted to try one, not sure I’ll do another but hey I gave it a go. I’ll update you next week. Yoink!

Ttfn x

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