Thursday, October 02, 2014


Pirates, Ninjas, Unicorns & PB&J sarnies were just part of what was on offer last night at The Monarch Camden.
 photo KooKooKangaRoo1_zps5040ebad.jpg
Thanks to Frank Turner introducing this crazy pair on his UK tour we couldn't possibly miss their first headline show in the UK which was also free! It was as wacky & fun as I hoped & to top it off I met/spoke to Frank as well who was in the crowd dancing along with the rest of us. Rarr! Awesome night!
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Before the show while at the merch stand getting a bargain £5 t-shirt (guess they didn't want to fork out the excess baggage on the way back to the US!) I introduced Brian & Neil to the midlands phrase "Eh Up Me Duck" & each time I saw Brian after that he repeated it in his Dick Van Dyke British accent!

Here's a little video from the show....I didn't film much I was too busy jumping / shouting / dancing & getting up on stage with everyone - I can now officially say I've shared a stage with Mr Frank Turner! Before you click below, open your mind, take it all with a pinch of salt, get ready to do the dance moves & shout along. All together now "I want a PB&J but I want..........."
Ttfn x

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