Sunday, June 22, 2014

Floral Friday v1 (+2 days)

Anyone who's been to our new home will know I've been gripped by gardening fever!
My first purchases from Aylett Nursery (the first of many I think!) was my little Lupin family above..... the flowers were stunning, sadly they've been nibbled at by pesky white fly but fingers crossed they'll return next year (& I've just spotted another bud on Larry so hopefully all is not lost!) 
I've been popping out every night after work to water my plants, often in my pjs....lucky neighbours! It's been fun to see what's been doing well & what's not happy so I'll have a better idea for next year what to put where.
There's nowt better than having your own peaceful personal space to go into at the end of a rough day & potter.....whether it's a bit of weeding, slug collecting (my record is 70.... in 1 day!) or just to water the bedding plants. Bliss!

Ttfn x

p.s - don't worry you're not in a time warp.... I meant to post this last Friday & completely forgot so it's Floral Friday (+2 days!) Yoink! 

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