Monday, March 17, 2014

Keep on runnin!

As if we’re not busy enough sorting the house, gardening & being general social butterflies Adam’s doing a Half Marathon this weekend. Phew!

He’s raising the profile & fund raising for the Epilepsy Society & SUDEP, all in the memory of Jane. In case you don’t know about Jane I’ve linked a few of my previous posts HERE & HERE .... I've also added a link to the For Jane Blog HERE

If you do have a moment to rummage around in your pockets or the back of the sofa for some change please sponsor him HERE. He's running the Richmond Half Marathon on Sunday (23rd March) feel free to pop along & offer your cheers along the way or a celebratory pint at the pub afterwards! Every little penny helps & I know Jane’s family & friends appreciate all of the support. Let's help raise the profile of SUDEP together.

Muchos Thanks!  
Ttfn x

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