Friday, November 08, 2013

What does the 'P' stand for?

think I've figured it out...Pensioner!

Getting older isn't something that bothers me but it's been more evident in the past few weeks that I'm not such a spring chicken anymore.
Case No 1:
I went to buy sparklers & it said you would need ID. I worried cos my driving licence still has my maiden name on it so doesn't match my bank card...needn't have worried I was handed them without question (I am 29!). This proves I look older than I feel & they think I'm a responsible adult (which worries me more!)

Case No 2:
I went to buy Adam COD (the game not the fish) & when I went though the self-scanner the woman came over to agree I was old enough & ticked the box that said 'customer is definitely over 25.' Charming!

I'm not the kind of girl that rolls her eyes when they get asked for ID....maybe another point of being old....I see it as a mega compliment?!

Anyways I better go & get me slippers ready for a Friday night in with Adam, argh I am old....!

Ttfn x

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