Saturday, November 23, 2013


I am loving it, winter's my favourite time of year! Finally the evenings are dark & chilly so I can snuggle up on the sofa in my new onesie or venture out in my new Superdry coat (which finally arrived, no thanks to Hermes).
I know it's only November but I'm already excited about Chrimbo (even though I'm working for a lot of it) I'm using all my willpower to not put up the decorations already! Eager beaver or what?! I just love how everything feels so magical!

I'll be getting even more excited tomorrow when we visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I had this great idea to go ice skating till I found out it was £32 for both of us for an hour....maybe I'll leave that romantical vision in my reality it would been us trying to dodge kids falling over everywhere & then coming in after about 30min cos we're cold & have achy legs! Who says romance is dead?!

Ttfn x

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