Saturday, January 29, 2011

shout it out from the rooftops!

every week i check out postsecret & my best thing today & enjoy reading other peoples good news or secrets that they've shared. a couple of weeks ago i thought why not join them & send in my good news?! i couldn't believe it when i logged on today to check it & they've put it up! :) i've been so happy since adam proposed & i get a little jolt of excitement running through me every time the ring twinkles!
i'm off to my 1st wedding fair with the rents tomorrow to see how much of their money i can spend on what! :P the planning part is really fun & i've got lots of little (& not to so little) ideas to share with them when we figure out the budget. we're not looking for anything hideously grand or ornate & at the end of the day it's who's there that makes it special & also the fact adam & i are celebrating our love together.
anyways enough of that mushy stuff i'm making myself feel queezy! :P
x x x

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