Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Little Train That Couldn't

You never appreciate how much you take public transport in London for granted until you try to travel by it anywhere else! I know London isn't perfect but as soon as there's a problem on the underground or overland there's always the option of a bus or another tube line. In Nuneaton I've waited almost an hour for a delayed service back to London, I've just got on it & it's terminating half way there so I have to get off this one & wait for another! Argh!
Had the same problem on Sunday. Adam & I wanted to pop into a nearby town but didn't have a car so went to get a bus thinking it would be one an hour or something but no it was worse than that - no buses at all!! Imagine if they just stopped bus routes in London! Gimme a car anyday! Growl

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