Wednesday, March 17, 2010


was on the overland train this morning going into central london minding my own business when i heard a gasp as we were stopped at a station. i looked around along with a few other nosey people & there was a girl with one shoe on standing on the train by the door. it turned out as she had got onto the train her ballet pump had fallen off her foot & fell between the train & platform onto the tracks below!! instead of getting off the train, waiting for it to move, asking for help to get her shoe back & catch the next train she just carried on as if it was perfectly normal to stand there with one shoe on & one bare stocking foot. she was so calm about it i wasn't sure if she was just having an unlucky day or if it was a clever ploy to buy new shoes?! maybe i should try this one next time 'oh no my shoe has fallen off i must buy some new shoes!' hmmmm!

also found out today about the new ride at alton towers called thirteen & it looks ace! can't wait for our anual trip later in the year!

is anyone else thinking about how weird the women's fashion is at the moment? i'm really not convinced! i need some nice new tops & i can't find anything - it's either beige which makes you look half dead, baggy which adds another 10lbs on you (which i don't need help with thanks), see-through which really isn't a good idea or really scruffy, now i'm not one to complain at a day spent in a hoodie & trainers but i would like to smarten myself up a bit! argh sort it out! think it's off to primark for some vest tops/t-shirts in blocky colours that can brighten up an outfit & i can accessorise!
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